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2017年に10周年を迎えた主宰 / レジデントパーティ、”POWWOW”を各地で開催。
その活動は国内パーティ / フェス等に留まらず、これまでにアメリカ、オーストラリア、イギリス、ロシア、ベトナム等海外でもプレイ。
現在までにBLACKSMOKER RECORDS、GRASSWAXX RECORDINGS、AVEX ENTERTAINMENT等様々なレーベルからオリジナル / リミックス12インチ、MIXCDを発表。中でも自身が主宰するDIYセルフレーベル”SBM recordings”からリリースされているMIXCDシリーズは、幅広い層から絶大な支持を得ている。

CMT With his original playing style backed by storytelling ability and mixing skill, CMT is a pioneer in the alternative dance music scene. His party "POWWOW" is held in Osaka and other cities throughout Japan. He has played at various parties and festivals in Japan as well as in countries such as the US, Australia, UK, Vietnam and Russia. He also has released original tunes, remixes and mix CDs through various labels. The series of mix CDs he has been releasing to rave reviews through his own DIY label "SBM recordings" are called "movies that you listen to" by some because of their power to evoke stories in listeners' minds.